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Logan Movie – Who is Mutant X-23

Way back in April, broke the news that the upcoming Logan movie would feature X-23. While everything we’ve seen since then has suggested as such, 20th Century Fox finally brings official confirmation today with a new Instagram post showing off...

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How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended

Suicide Squad may have gotten bashed to hell by a bunch of movie critics, but it made ton of money at the box office, which means audiences enjoyed it. I personally enjoyed it and thought it was a really fun flick. Of course, the story could have gone in so many...

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Top 6 Sniper Movies

We love sniper movies! The sniper deserves more credit than a Call of Duty camper would give or earn. The sniper has been the savior of many a soldier in war, and we pay tribute to them with our current list of top 6 sniper movies. Here's our Top 6 Sniper Movies: Also...

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Wolverine – Logan Villain Revealed

More news on the last Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman is out! We finally know who will be squaring off against Wolverine in Logan, the upcoming superhero film that marks Hugh Jackman's last time playing the beloved X-Men character. Back in April, we learned that...

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Sexiest Mr. Robot Babes

If you are not yet watching the breakout series Mr. Robot the stop reading now and get going! We've already mentioned this as one of those shows that will become the next "Breaking Bad" and do you really want to be one of the people that missed out and only watched it...

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Top 15 Chick Flicks

Take note geeks, the below list will come in handy one day or another. Whether you want these movies on-hand stored somewhere or simply keep the list somewhere safe, you will need it! But keep it secret! Keep it safe! One day or another each one of us will find...

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Sexiest Walking Dead Babes

The Walking dead is without a doubt the most successful Zombie TV-show to date. Already in its 8th season it's only picking up speed with more viewing records being broken. As an avid zombie fan I really can't complain as I get more than enough zombies being killed in...

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Who Is Ego The Living Planet?

Over the weekend at Comic-Con James Gunn showed off some footage from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 revealing that Kurt Russell will be playing Ego the Living Planet and that he is Star-Lord's father. It was quite an unexpected but pleasant surprise and something...

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