If there’s one game we can think back to that kick-started our gaming / RPG then it was the 1992 classic Legends of Valour. I spent months playing this game getting lost in this world and maze of questing and guilds. Sadly we never completed the game as we just could not defeat the darn dragon (more on that later). Today we look back at the nostalgia of Legends of Valour.

For those who don’t know:

Legends of Valour was a role-playing game that was released in 1992 for PC. The game was developed by Synthetic Dimensions and published by U.S. Gold. Legends of Valour was a game that came in a big, thick box that was filled with lots of goodies. The box included a large manual, a map of the game world, and a set of disks for installation. I can still remember the smell of the booklet and the map when opening he box. The packaging was one of the highlights of the game and reading the booklet definitely helped in progressing in the game, it added to the excitement of playing it. Think of the booklet as being able to google the game and reading how to progress.

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As for the story the game was set in the kingdom of Eldrid, which was a magical land filled with dangerous creatures and hidden treasures. The player took on the role of a hero who had to save the kingdom from an evil sorcerer who was trying to take over the land. The story was engaging and immersive, and it kept players hooked as they explored the game world and discovered new things.

However, there were some frustrations in playing the game. One of the biggest issues was the difficulty of the game. The game was challenging, and it required players to be strategic and careful in their actions. The combat system was complex, and it was easy to get overwhelmed by enemies. Additionally, the game had a lot of bugs and glitches, which could cause the game to crash or freeze. Despite these frustrations here were many cool moments in the game. Here are five of the coolest moments in Legends of Valour:

  • Finding the hidden treasure in the castle. The player had to solve a series of puzzles and overcome obstacles to reach the treasure, which was guarded by a powerful dragon.
  • Defeating the evil sorcerer. The final boss battle was intense and required the player to use all of their skills to defeat the sorcerer and save the kingdom.
  • Discovering hidden dungeons. There were many hidden dungeons throughout the game world, and each one was filled with unique challenges and treasures.
  • Riding on a dragon. The player could tame a dragon and ride it through the sky, giving them a unique perspective on the game world.
  • Solving puzzles. Legends of Valour was filled with puzzles that required the player to use their brainpower to solve. These puzzles added an extra layer of depth to the game and kept players engaged.

Here’s is a complete walkthrough of the game, and little did we know know how to defeat that blasted dragon, reading the walkthrough sure sounds easier than it was:

For this task you have to take on a Dragon get Battle Standard.
You have to find the Brig (to the North West of the Mermaid) and go
underground. You should find your way to the dragon quite easily - go through a
fountain, find 3 keys for secure doors and go up and down some stairs. The
dragon is behind the door to the left. Pause before you go in and have a rest.
When you are ready, don't dash in. Stop and see the fireballs cruising past.
Veer left and get between the wall and the post to get at the dragon - it is
shooting fireballs in the wrong direction. Get close to it and kill it. You'll
get its head, and that is the key that opens the secure door. Behind it, you'll
find the standard. Pick it up and teleport to the Stone Circle and, from there,
go to the Guild.

I love how the guide says “get close to it and kill it”. Like it’s that easy!

Overall, Legends of Valour was an exciting and immersive game that had its share of frustrations, but it was still a great game that many players enjoyed. We will forever remember this game is one of our “first”.