It’s about time we caught up with Gerard Brom, one of our favourite Gothic Fantasy Artists. When last featured here on GeekShizzle we managed to list some of his best pieces (in our opinion). so be sure to check this post out as well.

He truly is a fine artist with a portfolio of incredible dark fantasy and horror art.

Gerald – who is known professionally as simply, Brom has had quite a bit of influence on early Diablo 2, and most recently the remastered edition as well as the concept art for Lilith. Brom was instantly drawn into the Diablo world with the original game and leapt at the offer to provide cover art and character design for Diablo II, in 2000. Now, both of his sons – Killian and Devin – are on the Blizzard team, building the much-anticipated Diablo IV, as Associate Sound Designer, and Game Designer of Dungeons, respectively.

20 years ago he did the original D2 cover. With Diablo 2 remastered, he was asked to paint this updated version for the new D2 remastered edition. The image with the sword is the new one and the close up is the original from 2000

Check the below video interview featuring his son as well. They’re such goth geeks and that’s why we love them! Just as Brom used to get his sons’ thoughts on demon heads or weapons when they were little, so the three of them continue to nudge and support each other creatively – whether its Killian playing through a Devin-designed level, or Brom listening to one of Killian’s sound mixes to see how well it translates. The next step, of course, is for all of them to come together in the place that started it all. “Now that they’re both working there, I think my dream opportunity would be for Devin to design a creature, and I paint it, and then Killian comes up with its sound effects,” says Brom.


Brom has since delved into story writing, and we cant wait to get our hands on his horror short-stories!