Authentic film props often fetch high prices at auctions, but Star Wars props frequently sell for significantly higher than most. In 2017, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber used in A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back went up for auction at $250,000. In 2018, Han Solo’s blaster from Return of the Jedi sold for $550,000. The most expensive Star Wars prop to ever be purchased at auction, however, was an original R2-D2 prop used in several different Star Wars films that sold for $2.76 million.

We had a look at the most expensive movie props ever here at Geekshizzle before, and mentioned the famous Blaster of Han Solo that sold for a massive $200 000 (in 2014). That was back in 2014 so what has changed since then?

Mark Hammil recently answered a fan on what prop he loved the most, and while most fans would have expected him to say his Lightsaber, he didn’t. It is his boots from the first film that seem to hold a special place in his heart. Luke’s boots from A New Hope are part of the iconic and instantly recognizable look of Luke Skywalker, and if past auctions are any indication, they would likely be worth six to seven figures at auction. However, if Star Wars fans are hoping to add the famous boots to their personal collection, they’re going to be sorely disappointed, as Hamill seems firm on never parting with his most valuable prop.

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Here’s our list of the most valuable Star-Wars movie props:

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Cloak

Many fans wish they had someone like Obi-Wan Kenobi in their lives. This memorable character is a Jedi Master and is essentially responsible for the Force. Luke Skywalker greatly admires him throughout the films. Obi-Wan’s cloak from Star Wars in 1977 and The Empire Strikes Back is up for grabs. That is for fans that can afford a $104,000 cloak. Fans love this cloak because it is a very humble outfit for such a major Jedi Master and fighter. Sometimes a simple statement outfit is more impressive than a glamorous warrior suit


Leia Slave Costume

In Return Of The Jedi Princess Leia tries to rescue Han Solo but Jabba the Hut captures her. Fans remember seeing her in this costume as Jabba holds her on a leash. Viewers know this outfit as Leia’s prisoner outfit. This piece is $96,000. Even though this costume is partly-rubber and average fabric, it’s still the original piece.


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C3PO’s Helmet

Fans are going to shout “Wait. Oh my!” When they hear that the price of C-3PO’s helmet from Return Of The Jedi is $120,000. This is the actual helmet that Anthony Danials wears in the film. However, for this price, fans should be able to translate anything they want once this is on their heads. Even though this likely doesn’t happen, they still have bragging rights. C-3PO is a fan favorite as sassy as he is. Owning his helmet would be an honor.

For the whopping price of $450,000, fans should become a Jedi after purchasing Luke’s lightsaber. This famous weapon has fans on the edges of their seats in the Star Wars films. They witness Luke fighting various enemies with this saber including Vader. True fans know that the history and generations that this saber goes through are outstanding. It seems too good to be true to possess this prop.


Han Solo’s Blaster

Nobody can be as convincing with a blaster than Harrison Ford playing Han Solo. The specific blaster that Han Solo uses from the films The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi is $550,000. Many fans love their lightsabers, but there is “no match for a good blaster” as far as Han Solo is concerned. Honestly, a gun-like weapon that shoots lasers seems really difficult to compare to. Owning the original one that Harrison Ford uses is straight-up impossible to compare though.

We covered the auction of the original DL-44 blaster prop Harrison Ford used in Star Wars a while back. Can you believe it, the blaster sold Yesterday for the starting bid price of a massive $200 000. That was the winning bid in an online auction for the blaster, which took place over the weekend, according to the California-based seller, Profiles in History. The buyer is anonymous by default, but we’ve contacted Profiles in History to see if the customer will come forward.

The battered film prop, like many from Star Wars, is based on a World War II original. In this case, the inspiration was a German Mauser C96 semi-automatic pistol without the shoulder stock. What sold on Saturday isn’t even the pistol Harrison Ford used in A New Hope; no one knows where that is, or if it even survived the filming process . This prop is the version that replaced it, from Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Just image how much the actual blaster will go for?

Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Sells for $200 000


An original R2-D2 prop used in several Star Wars films has sold for a staggering $2.76 million at auction. R2-D2, along with his droid counterpart C-3PO, is without question one of the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe. Along with C-3PO, R2-D2, the droid duo have the distinction of the only characters to appear in all eight of the Star Wars films released so far, including a notable cameo last year in Rogue One.

Since Star Wars debuted more than 40 years ago in theaters, replicas of R2-D2, naturally, have found their way to collectors in the form of action figures and remote control toys, and rare is the opportunity that anybody comes close to owning the real thing. But according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, one collector with very deep pockets can now lay claim to owning one of the original droids, and they’ve shelled out an extraordinary amount of money for it.


Episode V snowtrooper helmet

The proud possessor of this piece of memorabilia, sold in July 2012 for $225,000 (plus a 23 percent buyer’s fee), can boast that they have the only snowtrooper helmet known to have made it to market. What’s more, the imperial snowtrooper helmet was worn in the decisive battles held in Hoth in Episode V.


George Lucas’ Camera

While not in the movie, per say, the Panavision camera owned by George Lucas certainly played an integral part in the production of the movie. In the film Star Wars: A New Hope, the camera took a large portion of the workload involving the studio’s photography. George Lucas was the person behind the camera’s first and last auction to date. Debbie Reynolds, a renowned actress in Hollywood, first acquired the camera after Lucas auctioned it off where she added it to her collection of movie memorabilia. The camera was purchased through legendary auction house Profiles in History for a whopping $625,000 (Mrs. Reynolds really loved her cameras). The camera is still owned and preserved in Reynolds’ movie memorabilia collection to this very day. This has held the record for the most expensive Star Wars auction throughout history and will likely hold that record for quite some time; Reynolds doesn’t seem to plan on letting her camera go any time soon.

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