Here’s the tldr;

No you can’t. Forget about it, move on and start from scratch on the new phone. You cannot move Whatsapp chats with video and images from an iPhone to an Android phone.

 Transfer Whatsapp Data from Apple iOS to Android

Transfer Whatsapp Data from Apple iOS to Android


I was an avid Apple iPhone user for more than 10 years. I moved to Android 3 years ago and if there is one thing I learned it is that nothing is easy when you want to integrate, move or migrate anything off an Apple device to anywhere else.

Case in point is moving from an iPhone to an Android phone.

We cursed the night sky and the Gods for leaving us with such a seemingly easy task, yet so impossible to complete. Here is the lesson we learned after spending almost an entire day trying to get almost 8GB with of Whatsapp data off an iPhone and onto an Android phone:

No you can’t. Forget about it, move on and start from scratch on the new phone.

Here is the path you will go on when you still think it is possible:

  1. You will google something like “how to transfer whatsapp from iPhone to Android”.
  2. Then you will get plenty of results and websites that tell you how easy it is and how many different ways you can do it.
  3. None of them work, lets go through some of them:

Backing up to iCloud:

Backing up your chats to iCloud may work but surprise surprise there is no way this can get imported or downloaded onto an android device. iCloud does not talk to Android, Google or Google Drive. they are like different countries that are at war with one another.

But try you will and after a few attempts of switching the SIM card to the new Android phone and registering Whatsapp on the new phone you will soon learn that even when claiming that it found a backup and will restore from it all it does is load your empty chats groups and contacts.

Using 3rd party Software:

This is the most frustrating option of the lot. You will read about software tools like Wondershare and Dr Fone and try as you may none of them work unless you buy the official product for roughly $30. Even then we have read forums where people vented their frustrations on how still it did not transfer all chats across. We even tried the not-so-official way of trying this software from a “completely legal source” and still it would not even see Whatsapp as an option to transfer from the iPhone to the Android phone.

Google Drive doesn’t work, manually emailing the chats to yourself may work but who can afford to send 3 years worth of chats and videos and images to themselves? Don’t believe anything on any of these sites, they only lure you into buying the 3rd party software:


Quora is the only site that agrees with us, it can’t be done.

Let us know in the comments if you are able to do it, but as for us. We’re done with Apple.