Tool releases ‘Fear Inoculum’ and breaks the Internet

It is a massive 5 years ago when we wrote our viral “10 Rock/Metal Albums to Look Forward to” post. The top of our list was none other than Tool which then already had fans begging for a new album.

Little did we know back then (2014) that we would have to wait another 5 friggin’ years for the next album.

Tool released the first song of their new album called ‘Fear Inoculum’ yesterday with the rest of the album due later in August 2019. This officially releases them from the list, the list of the most wanted albums ever!

This release makes it an official 13 years after the previous album, that is Over 4600 days after their last album ‘10,000 Days’.

The release comes shortly after the news that their catalog is now available on all digital and streaming services. Rejoice! Tool last released 10,000 Days in May 2006. Since then, Maynard James Keenan has released music with Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, who shared Eat the Elephant last year.

The day has finally come! Here you go:

Reviews have been off the charts and fans have made no secret in how “F#$ing Awesome” the track is! This was perhaps the most accurate view we found of the song:

What do you guys think?

We simply cant stop listening to it! This is how we feel right now:

Doctor: You have 5 minutes to live.

Me: Play Tool’s Fear Inoculum

Doctor: That’s a 10 minute song.

GOD: It’s OK