Who doesn’t love a little bit of FFDP every now and then?

Throughout their career Five Finger Death Punch have aligned themselves with the U.S. military supporting the troops in a number of ways. Their latest homage to troops comes via an emotional gut check of a video for their cover of The Offspring’s “Gone Away.”

Although we still prefer the original, the over is something all FFDP fans need to see.

“Every song has exactly as many meanings as many people have heard it, but by creating a music video we can crystallize one of the possibilities, our personal interpretation, and share what those words mean to us personally. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and by taking a snapshot of our own perception of something we are also sharing the impact it had on us. ‘Gone Away’ is one of those songs that can hit you in the chest, and our interpretation may surprise some… but this is how we heard it,” commented guitarist Zoltan Bathory.

The track is one of two new songs featured on A Decade of Destruction, Five Finger Death Punch’s latest compilation release. The career-spanning collection also includes the new studio song “Trouble,” which should help tide fans over as they await the successor to 2015’s Got Your Six.

Furthering the military connection, Zoltan Bathory teamed up with Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) to help stifle elephant poaching. We caught up with the guitarist to discuss his involvement with the group and his passion for wildlife conservation which can be read here.

Emotional Five Finger Death Punch ‘Gone Away’ Offspring cover: