Few games have given us as much pleasure and “gaming worth” as Diablo 3 did and still does. Blizzard just kept on pumping the new features and new content since launch day way back in May 15th 2012.  We started out with a monk, rolled a barbarian later but the true joy came with the release of the Paladin, or as they call it: Crusader. Seasons, Paragon levels, rifts, it’s really a game that’s grown so much into possibly one of our all-time greatest games. And the fun’s not over yet.

The announcement of the new Necromancer class joining the other classes in Diablo 3 happened at BlizzCon last year so it has been a long wait but a lucky few can start playing as the new character in closed BETA.  There is no news just yet when the Necromancer will be available for everyone but sadly he won’t be free when he does release.

This is the first paid content coming since the Reaper of Souls expansion which I’m sure most fans won’t mind paying. When will it get released? There’s no date yet… but hopefully the wait is  not long as I can feel a Diablo 3 itch spreading that only a level 80 Necromancer can scratch, check the new class in action below.


We’re pretty excited about this and will definitely be giving the Necromancer a go.