Marvel Comics has officially announced their new series All New Guardians of the Galaxy. The comic comes from writer Gerry Duggan (DeadpoolNova), artist Aaron Kuder (Death of X), and colorist Ive Svorcina (Secret Wars).

The original character roster of Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax are all set to return. There are a few interesting changes with some of the characters, such as Groot apparently being stuck in his tiny form with no one able to explain why he isn’t regenerating, Then there’s Drax the Destroyer, who is now Drax the Pacifist. According to CB:

The series will pick up some time after ‘Grounded,’ the final arc of the current Guardians of the Galaxy series. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1 kicks off with the Guardians on a job and embroiled in a war between two of the Elders of the Universe, the Collector and the Grandmaster.

Duggan said about the series:

“We want to put these guys into new cosmic situations. We’re right in the middle of a heist in the first issue. I think, even though they’re functioning well as a team, they’re each looking forward to handling their own business, so they might be feeling gravity’s pull apart. They have a lot going on individually and I’m really excited to explore that.

“Aaron and I have a really fun introduction to this team in the first issue cooked up, and we’ll see that they are handling this heist as best they can, that it’s complicated, and it gets very cosmic.”

He then offered some more details on the characters in the series explaining:

“We have some mysteries brewing out in space. When our story picks up, Groot is small and doesn’t seem to be growing large. We don’t quite know why. The Guardians don’t know why. The readers won’t have very long to find that will be a problem moving forward, in a fun way, I hope.

“Drax is done destroying. Something has happened to him to that has made him leave his swords down. Drax is still Drax. He wants to destroy, he’s just holding back for now. It’s a fun turn for him as he struggles with pacifism like an alcoholic might struggle in a bar.

“For many years now we’ve heard about the Collector’s collection and how that’s the best collection of the galaxy, and it has the most valuable and unique and wondrous things. That’s true to a point, but the Grandmaster also has another collection. By giving the Collector a rival, we now have an opportunity to really make trouble for the Guardians. And so, this first arc is very much a war between the Collector and the Grandmaster over artifacts that they both want for their collection, and there can only be one winner. It feels right to open up in a big way with those amazing Marvel Universe cosmic entities. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

“The story begins as the team is mid-job. They’re initially hired by one side and then compromised. They each have their own reason for wanting a big score.

“The Guardians’ escape from that arc, too, is going to be something I don’t think anyone will see coming. It’s very Guardians.”

Make sure to click here to read the full interview, because this is just the tip of the iceberg. It sounds like it could be a fun and entertaining series to read! The comic will be released this May.


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