Blade Runner VR Project

Perhaps the most fascinating prospect about the advancement of virtual reality in recent years is that it will allow us to explore some of the fictional worlds that we love so much. While this may not be as easy with some of the older films we love, new movies are creating VR experiences that go hand-in-hand with the stories that we’ll see told on the big screen. However, one software engineer decided to take it upon himself to recreate the set from one classic sci-fi movie in virtual reality.

The original Blade Runner is known for its depiction of a seedy futuristic Los Angeles that combines fictional technology with the visual style of a classic film noir. The apartment of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is one of the best examples of the film noir style and production design, and software engineer Quentin Lengele has recreated it in virtual reality so that you can walk around the apartment as if you were dropping by to give Deckard a hard time.

Check out the Blade Runner VR project after the jump.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdKb4BbYpUU?feature=oembed&w=740&h=416]

The project is called Blade Runner 9732, and Mr. Lengele has been working on it for years, obsessing about every single detail. He’s been working on it using the Unity engine by way of a first-generation Oculus Rift kit, according to Engadget, so it’s not quite up to snuff for the kind of VR experiences we’re seeing today. But even so, the detail in this creation is outstanding, down to the view of Los Angeles outside and the film noir lighting inside.

Don’t forget, there are some official Blade Runner 2049 VR experiences in the works to be release in conjunction with the sequel later this year. Maybe one of those experiences will take us into Deckard’s apartment in a more advanced way. But until then, this is a cool passion project, and I hope that there is some way for us to experience it properly sometime in the near future.

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