At one point, Requiem For a Dream director Darren Aronofsky was going to make a Wolverine movie. That ended up falling through, but it appeared as though one of Aronofsky’s longtime collaborators, composer Cliff Martinez, was going to get his claws on the property when he was hired to provide the score for James Mangold’s Logan. But according to a tweet from Mangold (found by FilmMusicReporter), his 3:10 to Yuma composer Marco Beltrami is the one scoring Logan. No word yet on whether or not Beltrami and Martinez are collaborating on the film’s score, but that outcome seems unlikely.

Elsewhere, Mangold spoke about his aspirations for Logan, what he’s trying to do with the movie, and how it’s a film made with an older audience in mind than your typical superhero fare. It makes sense, considering how star Hugh Jackman first portrayed the character all the way back in 2000. X-Men’s target audience has grown up, so there’s no point in making another Wolverine movie aimed at younger teenagers right now.

Logan is an attempt to bring an end to the line of Hugh’s amazing performance as Wolverine. The ambition of doing that is to try to make an adult film about Wolverine, to make a movie for grownups. We’re not trying to make a four-box, ‘something for everyone.’ We’re trying to make a movie that stands out and is different because it’s a grown up drama that also features intense action.”

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