There is a mighty fine replica of Jyn Erso’s Stormtrooper doll from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story floating around Etsy right now! For just $45 you can order one that’s made from the following…

This is an 11″ tall polymer clay figurine strung together with thick waxed cotton cord.
It is a replica of the Stormtrooper doll seen in Star Wars Rogue One.

As this item is hand sculpted and painted; they may slightly differ from the pictures you see here.

Yours will be unique and one of a kind.

Based on the material it’s definitely more of a display thing than it is a play thing. I’m surprised we have to go the unofficial route to purchase this! I figured Disney would’ve been all over this! Check out some pictures below, and purchase the doll on Etsy here







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