In anticipation of the film’s imminent trailer, which will seemingly be with us by Saturday, December 24, 20th Century Fox’s marketing machine continues to spew out all manner of delightfully horrific promos for Alien: Covenant.

But if previous photos teased a cavalry of Colonial Marines and a familiar, serpentine corridor, the latest dials the gore factor up to 11, showcasing carnage in what looks to be the Covenant‘s on-board medical facility. Are we looking at the aftermath of a Facehugger attack? It’s too soon to tell. What we do know is that the image came bearing another cryptic caption: 224612072104.

Once again, the number – which is surely a timestamp – ends in 2104, the year in which Alien: Covenant reportedly takes place. And though the general consensus is that Fox has been rolling out the images sequentially, in this instance the number is actually lower than that of yesterday’s, which could indicate that the med-bay bloodbath takes place before we visit that gloomy corridor on board the Juggernaut ship. It’s simply conjecture, of course, and this kind of online speculation will ensure excitement remains at a fever-pitch right up until the moment when Fox finally unveils the first footage.

No word yet on what we can expect to see, but we’ll surely get more of Katherine Waterston in action as Daniels, Covenant‘s kick-ass heroine who may or may not hold some connection to one Ellen Ripley. Ridley Scott’s 2017 sci-fi is a prequel, remember, and given the director has mapped out a vision that will eventually dovetail with the original Alien of ’79 signals that those rumors may not be so ludicrous after all.

Alien: Covenant will be with us on May 19, 2017.


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