Earlier this week we learned that The Clone Wars and Rogue One character Saw Gerrera would be appearing in Lucasfilm’s animated series Star Wars Rebels. Forest Whitaker is set to reprise his role in the series and in a recent tweet the actor revealed our first footage of Gerrera in action and expressed his excitement with the following comment:

“Excited to be back as #RogueOne’s Saw Gerrera on #StarWarsRebels animated series! It rocks!”

The video below also offers a history of the role Gerrera plays in the Star Wars universe and the creative team discusses the inclusion of the character Rebels and his role in the story. For example, he knows the Empire is building the Death Star. They even show off some cool production art in the process. Make sure to watch the whole video because there are clips featuring Gerrera scattered throughout it. 

Saw Gerrera comes to Star Wars Rebels in January 2017. 


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