Considering the joke they made at its expense in the opening credits of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds must be pretty comfortable with the fact Green Lantern sucked. The actor was recently asked by EW about Deadpool‘s success and where Green Lantern failed and responded:

“Well it’s simple: Deadpool always knew what it was…With Green Lantern, I don’t think anyone ever figured out exactly what it was. That isn’t to say the hundreds of men and women didn’t work their fingers to the bone to make it as good as poosible. It also fell victim to the process in Hollywood which is like poster first, release date second, script last. At the time, it was a huge opportunity for me so I was excited to try and take part in it. I did however write a letter to Fox right before I had to decide whether or not I was gonna do Green Lantern. I asked one last time sort of like the groom standing at the alter, ‘Will you please be my wife?’ and they said they couldn’t pull the trigger on Deadpool. For too many reasons too boring to illustrate, it just didn’t work.”

Sounds like Reynolds was in a corner. He could’ve remained stubborn and risked never being in a hero film, or sucked it up and hoped the brownie points for Green Lantern would get Deadpool the go ahead in the future. 

Don’t forget that if it weren’t for “someone” (Reynolds and producers) leaking some test footage for the project, we would’ve never seen the film! In hindsight, it seems so silly that this film sat in development hell for so long before it finally got made! Then again, it’s almost sillier that anyone wants to take another chance on a Green Lantern movie after the disastrous first one. I’m holding out hope against hope that Green Lantern can get a decent film, but Fantastic Four has shown me second chances don’t always pan out. 


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