Few things are as satisfying as killing zombies. We love killing zombies. We love watching zombies being killed, and we love using any and every possible object as a weapon to kill zombies. Remember the Nazi zombie survival scene at the end of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? What about AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead… where we get more than enough zombie slaying that’s now lasted us for 4 seasons.

But what do you do when you’re not watching a zombie film, show or PC/Console game? Well.. you slay them on your phone of course! Enter Zombie Wars by developer Robot Games. A fun and extremely addictive zombie killing game for smartphones on the Apple iOS App store  and the Google Play store. This is our review of Zombie Wars – The Horde.

The game starts with 3 official modes: Campaign, Survival and Hell. Survival unlocks after you’ve completed 10 Campaign stages and Hell mode is yet to be released. For campaign you start as a new and still inexperienced hero having to complete various stages by either killing zombies, protecting innocent bystanders, or staying alive for a set amount of time.

We jumped into survival mode as soon as we managed to unlock it. We lasted a mere 30 seconds before we became zombie food! Lesson learned: Upgrade hero and weapons first.


We love the hardcore gritty feel to the game that spares no expense when it comes to zombie brains flying all over the place and grungy rock music playing in the background. Very fitting. The controls are pretty standard for the movement and attack commands of your hero, and it is pretty easy to switch weapons, change direction and use special abilities. There’s plenty of reasons to keep on playing Zombie Wars: You get daily rewards for playing, as well as the incentive to start upgrading your hero with various tools and abilities that make him/her stronger. Then there’s the weapons upgrade option as well where you can increase the stats on your sword, pistol, machine gun and other guns you will pick up along the way.


There’s 6 heroes you can play with at the moment, and although most of them needs to be bought/unlocked with in-game collected “Bucks” the prices are substantially cheap compared to other games you’ll find.

Here are the 6 heroes:

zombie-wars-ios-gamezombie-wars-ios-game-2zombie-wars-ios-game-10 zombie-wars-ios-game-4zombie-wars-ios-game-3zombie-wars-ios-game-9

Zombie wars is fun, and that’s why we love it. These days we all need a break from our daily monotonous lives and while we wait for the actual zombie apocalypse playing a game like this is easy, quick and as we said loads of fun!

A big  bonus for us South Africans is that you don’t need an internet connection to play it, which can be a big disadvantages especially in places where there’s no signal or when you are out of data!

We’d  love some  kind of interaction with friends or visible leader board for the survival mode where you can compare  yourself with others, challenge friends and aim to be the greatest zombie slayer out there!