Spoiler alert geeks! If you’ve not seen the first episode of season 7 for The Walking Dead then move along! You are warned!

AMC released some¬†graphically gruesome behind-the-scenes photos from The Walking Dead season seven premiere. The photos were posted by executive producer and special effects makeup department head Greg Nicotero, and they show us the makeup and the effects work that was done to create the look of Glenn and Abraham’s brutally furious head bashing by Negan.

Brutal! The makeup is done brilliantly! It makes us hate Negan even more! They give us a good and clean look at the kind of damage that Negan’s barbwire bat, Lucille, inflicted on these characters. The Walking Dead sure does have a hell of a talented makeup and FX team! It’d be so cool to have these guys do your makeup for Halloween!

You can see all four photos below, and each one of them comes with a bit of commentary from Nicotero.


Blood added. Greatest make up fx team around!

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Test make up applied by Garett with hair work being styled by Kerrin Jackson #knbefx @cudlitz

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Pre-blood. Sorry Mikey! Dummy head sculpted and painted by Garrett Immel #knbefx @cudlitz

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