With the new season of Supergirl solidly on its way and episode 1 of season 2 breaking plenty of viewing records we’re actually tempted to start watching this show again. As previously mentioned we stopped watching mid-way into season 1 as we simply could not handle the bad acting, bad script and monotonous week by week story of catching the bad guy. Even somber-faced Olly driving his motorcycle and shooting his arrows looked more watchable.

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Even multiple crossover episodes with Flash could not boost the ratings permanently. But, we have to mention that the appearance of Superman in season 2 is possibly why the ratings were so hihh.

One thing that we certainly can’t get out of our heads is the previous screen time Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) gave us. Few would know about her Fappening leaked photos, but perhaps more would remember her scene in the last Homeland season. Well we certainly can’t forget her. Below is a taste of what happened in the Homeland scene. Yup… that’s supergirl ladies and gentleman. Topless.

Bear in mind these are NSFW. Regardless, we look forward to getting back into season 2. Holding thumbs!


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