mr robot season 1

The trailer for season 2 of our favorite Hacker show Mr. Robot just aired and it looks like it is going to be another wild ride. Mr. Robot is one of our most under estimated shows currently on TV, and if you ever have some spare time then be sure to catch up on this beauty.

Here’s the trailer:

What else can we expect from season 2? Here’s everything you need to know for Mr. Robot season 2:

It’s going to be even darker

Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail promises that the second season will “get really fucking dark,” which is a crazy claim considering how dark the first season already was. Elliot actor Rami Malek said that Esmail has already warned him that tackling the second season is “gonna be tough,” something that he never said when making the first season. We can only speculate what “really fucking dark” means at this point, but I’m guessing it will be crazy.


Christian Slater will return for season 2

Reprising his role as Mr. Robot aka Edward Alderson. Yes, season one saw the character revealed as Elliot’s long dead father, now a figment of his son’s troubled mind, but it looks like Mr. Robot will return somehow. This could either be accomplished through flashbacks or Elliott might still be seeing his alter ego show up regardless of now being aware that he is not real.


Technological Disaster

Based on the hack done we know now that it resulted in a technological disaster. “Remember the night of the hack?” Christian Slater asks over black to kick things off. There are more peeks at the fallout that’s occurred since — including a bit of editorial sleight of hand in which President Obama appears to comment on the show’s events.

Elliot and His Sister

We should learn more about Elliot’s relationship with his sister and follow fsociety member Darlene, and how that relationship fits in with the origins of the now infamous hacker group fsociety.


Those 3 days

As seen in the trailer season 2will explore what happened to Elliot during the three days when the hack was being executed, which should answer some questions we have. Series creator Sam Esmail has said that there is a different world that Elliot enters when the season starts and that it was this canvas that he really wanted to explore. He really wanted to explore the idea of what would happen if Elliot was able to set the world in chaos.



One storyline we can expect to continue in the second season revolves around Whiterose, the enigmatic Dark Army hacker played by BD Wong whose six minutes of screen time in the entire first season seems to be setting up something much bigger. Wong told Vulture that White Rose will be playing “what appears to be two sides of this complicated coin” in second season.

“It’s the whole idea of, who is who? Elliot is asking himself, “Who are you?” and at the same time, “Who am I?” In some cases, they turn out to be the same thing. What Sam is starting is some kind of an exploration of an even deeper understanding of that identity. There is some reason why Whiterose is the creature that she is. There is a reason none of us yet know. Sam probably does. And that reason would have to do with the understanding of self-identity, or someone else’s perception of someone’s identity.”

“Mr. Robot” will return to USA Network for a second season on July 13.