I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since the original Doom was released. At the time I was 16 and I can recall my first encounter with the game and certainly left a mark as it did to millions. Today we look at a few cool easter eggs and the first few minutes playing Doom.

Minor spoilers ahead! DOOM is full of great Easter eggs and references but this is a special one. In order to trigger it, you have to die.

You have to die in a morbid way, by jumping into the lava, to be exact. And this can only mean one thing: a scene from Terminator 2!

New Doom PC Game Impress – Terminator 2 Easter Egg:

We’re loving the new Doom. Here’s the first few minutes of id’s new/old shooter.

This is the intro and opening firefights of the game. There is shooting, there is a shotgun, there are lots of these melee attacks where you rip limbs off demons and slap them in the skull with them. Note that the fades are just cutting out tutorial menu/pop-up stuff that’s boring.

WARNING: There’s quite a bit of blood on display here, so treat this as NSFW.

doom helmet gif


The 4K visuals are amazing, excellent high resolution textures cover every surface, the lighting and shadows are on point and this all comes together to make those glory kill animations look insane.

Are you enjoying Doom?