We have a rather extensive and very alluring cosplay section here at GeekShizzle. not only has this section been a huge success here on our site, but worldwide it has taken off as well. you now have professional Cosplayers, and nothing could make us happier knowing this. In 2015 we enjoyed the true rise of professional and truly talented Cosplay. It was the year where we saw new cosplayers enter the arena, and some of our favourites climb even higher in terms of professionalism. Needless to say, we can thank more than a handful of talented cosplay professionals for making “the mainstream” set eyes on the dedicated craft that once was only considered a hobby for weirdos and nerds. These ladies have proved anyone who considered nerds unattractive is pretty much very, very wrong.

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Here’s a list of professional cosplayers that made every guy want to be Batman or Spiderman, whichever you prefer.

1. Jessica Nigri

jessica nigri blizzcon 2015 cosplay 4

Jessica Nigri SDCC 2014 7

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri 2

Be sure to check out our archives for more Jessica as she is a huge favourite and surely the most popular Cosplayer in the world.


2. Yaya Han

Yaya Han Cosplay 2

Yaya Han Cosplay Jessica Nigri

Yaya Han Cosplay 3

Yaya Han Cosplay 4

Yaya Han Cosplay 5

Costume designer, model and cosplayer Yaya Han. Born in China and raised dually in Asia and Europe, Yaya has crossed oceans to live her dream as an artist. For the past 11 years, Yaya has been creating full costumes and fashion pieces in the United States, and what began as a passionate hobby has evolved into a loving craft and career.


3. LeeAnna Vamp

Also previously featured on GeekShizzle, you can have a look at some of her stunning sexy work here.

Leeanna Vamp Cosplay 1

Leeanna Vamp Cosplay 4

Leeanna Vamp Cosplay 3

Leeanna Vamp Cosplay 2

Leeanna Vamp Cosplay 6


4. Vera Chimera

Yasemin Arslan, also known as Vera Chimera, is a cosplayer, pin-up model, actress, Ducati enthusiast, and psychotic nerd from Sydney, Australia.






5. Linda Le (Vampy Bit ME)

Linda Le 5

Linda Le 1

Linda Le 4

Linda Le 3