New Star Craft 2 Legacy Of The Void Cinematic And Nov 10 Release Date Announced

New Star Craft 2 Legacy Of The Void Cinematic And Nov 10 Release Date Announced

So, StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void finally has a release date, or at least a release window: by December 2015. The game will be out this holiday season, rather than in the first quarter of 2016, which is when Heart of the Swarm debuted. That means, by the end of the year, the saga that started in 1998 will finally end.

We can’t help but  feel a bit nostalgic about this… it will be the end of an amazing journey for us. The StarCraft story will be over. Question is… will it end in a satisfying way?  Based on the new cinematic also released, we simply can’t hide our excitement any longer. It is amazing!

The release date is also the same day as Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Fallout 4. Coincidence maybe?

The standalone Protoss-focused final chapter in the StarCraft II series is now available for pre-purchase on and will cost $40 for the standard edition. Those who pre-purchase the game digitally will gain access to the Whispers of Oblivion prologue missions. Of course, for those looking for a more robust experience, Legacy of the Void will come in multiple editions featuring a number of bonus items:


1. Standard Edition – $40

2. Digital Deluxe Edition – $60 – The upgradeable digital deluxe edition includes bonus in-game content for Blizzard’s other games: an Archon pet in World of Warcraft; a Void Speeder mount in Heroes of the Storm; a protoss-themed card back in Hearthstone. This content will be available upon Legacy of the Void’s launch.

3. Collector’s Edition – $80 – The retail-exclusive collector’s edition comes with the aforementioned digital goods, as well as a full-color, hardcover StarCraft Field Manual; a cinematics and special features DVD; and the soundtrack on CD.

Additionally, anyone that purchases any version of Legacy of the Void will receive the forthcoming hero Artanis in Heroes of the Storm when he is released. The cinematic trailer, in true Blizzard fashion, was full of excitement. It showed the Protoss race fighting to take back their home planet and two Protoss merging together to form Archon. Watch the cinematic trailer below.

For more details on the plot, new units and changes go ahead and check out the official SC2 site. It is loading with awesome pics and videos!