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Gotham‘ star David Mazouz who plays a very young Bruce Wayne opened up recently about what is expected for his character in the anticipated second season of the DC comic book based series. Mazouz teased the evolution of his character at Walker Stalker Con Orlando, the 14-year-old actor said Bruce would start developing his dual personality into becoming the caped crusader.

In an interview with Monkeys Fighting Robots he said:

“He’s on a mission and he really is going to start his dual personality into being Batman,” “When he’s Batman there is his Batman side and then his public persona which is his playboy/party boy persona. In season two, he’s really going to start developing that second persona.”

Bruce started following the path to unravel the circumstances about the murder of his parents in season 1. The second season of the highly acclaimed series is set to return on September 21 on FOX. Gotham has unleashed a slew of Batman villains so far which include the likes of The Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, the Red Hood, The Riddler and even The Joker. Season 2 will introduce Clayface, Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze to name a few.

 ‘Gotham’ Season 2 Will Feature Bruce Wayne’s Dual Personality

‘Gotham’ Season 2 Will Feature Bruce Wayne’s Dual Personality