jared leto joker

Madness! Madness I tell you! The internet, suicide squad and especially Joker fans are in uproar after we got to see a first glimpse at what Jared Leto will look like in Suicide Squad.

Director David Ayer thought it’d be a good idea to wait until 6pm on a Friday night to share a full photo of Jared Leto in character as The Joker in the upcoming super villain movie Suicide Squad. But at least the picture gives us a lot to chew on. Leto looks unhinged and absolutely bonkers, with tattoos all over the place (including one that says “Damaged” across his forehead. And there’s a big teeth motif on display here too, not surprising considering Joker’s all about the smile.

It is clear that Ayer is trying to rebuild the Joker, and get rid of the Heath Ledger impression of Joker. But will this work? The joker must be one of the most loved villains in the entire superhero universe. The image above does have a lot in common with Grant Morrison’s version of The joker, here’s a few images:

grant morrisson joker

grant morrisson joker 3

Some of the main concerns have been the over the top look, including the tattoo’s especially the ‘damaged’ tattoo on the forehead. This is in high contrast with the grounded Heath Ledger Joker. Considering the movie (Suicide Squad) will be over the top, is this look really that out of place? ¬†Fans have also released edited versions of the image, see the no tattoo version below:

Jared Ledo Joker No Tattoos

IGN also discussed the look, let us know what you think in the comments below.