Incubus┬áis finally back with new material after a 4 year hiatus! The new track entitled “Absolution Calling” was released last week for listening pleasure. Their last album, “If Not Now, When?”released back in 2011 was met with mixed responses but still impressed avid fans of the California-based rock band. The album debuted at #2 in the U.S. with first-week sales of 80,000, and eventually sold 179,000 copies 18 weeks after its release. According to Steve Rennie, the band’s manager, the album has sold around 600,000 copies worldwide. We can expect the fivesome to launch two new EPs this year (as promised), with the first of the two EPs reportedly planned to be released later this month.

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Lyric Video - Incubus Releases New Single 'Absolution Calling'

Lyric Video – Incubus Releases New Single ‘Absolution Calling’