I’m sure we all know Hannah Davis by now, and for those that lived under a rock for the last month, she is the now famous cover model of this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. We fell in love. We also featured some of her best work in a glorious photo gallery which you can enjoy by clicking here. The stunning blonde can be seen wearing a printed bikini while provocatively pulling on her bikini bottom which has caused quite a stir I might add. Not that we are complaining but there seems to be more than a fair share of backlash due to the tiny “low riding” bikini. Ben Watts, the photographer for the shoot, took the photo at Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm.

Today we bring you here complete shoot from the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit cover. I’m sure this one will be bookmarked, that’s Ctrl+D for those of you that don’t know.

He’re the complete Sexy Hannah Davis  2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Bikini Shoot:


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