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Paramount is gearing for the releases of their reboot projects for ‘The Ring’ and ‘Friday the 13’. “Rings“, the reboot of “The Ring” is set to haunt theatres on November 13, and “Friday the 13th” reboot is now set to be released on May 13, 2016 (Previously set for November 13, 2015). The studio made the announcement on Tuesday, January 27, which also included a press release for the new “Paranormal Activity”. Titled “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”, which was previously set to be released on March 13, 2015, is now pushed back to October 23, 2015.

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Release Date Updates for ‘The Ring’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ Reboots

Release Date Updates for ‘The Ring’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ Reboots

Jason fans will be well aware that a “Friday the 13th” reboot has been waiting in the starting blocks for quite some time now. It is surprising to see Hollywood rebooting the franchise again since we’ve already seen an official reboot in 2009 with Jared Padalecki (“Supernatural”) in the lead. The movie grossed over $90 million on a budget of $19 million. So much more was expected from a relatively successful reboot of the franchise but nothing else was released to continue in the footsteps of the box office hit.

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‘Friday the 13th’ 2009 Reboot

‘Friday the 13th’ 2009 Reboot

“Rings” is a mystery at this stage with no plot details available, outside of the fact that we might see Samara back to haunt her victims. Multiple reports confirm that lead screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is using the original Japanese Ring novel as inspiration for his new script, so we might be in for an excellent reboot.

“Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” is unfortunately the sixth Paranormal Activity film scheduled to be released. We would have expected the franchise to slowly fade into the sunset after last year’s “The Marked Ones” registered the lowest box office take of the entire series to date. How many times can they rehash the found-footage scare a minute approach anyway?

Hollywood should ideally steer away from our favorite cult classic movies as considerations for reboot-remake projects, but nothing will stop them from doing so.


Check out some of the considered reboots coming down the line over the next couple of years:

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