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Fantastic Four Reboot Trailer Is Amazing

Fantastic Four Reboot Trailer Is Amazing

Two weeks ago we listed a couple of movies that are due for release in 2015 that we are most nervous about. Those movies we really look forward to but due to either delays, cast, or directors attached we have reason to fear or be nervous about that movies future and well being on the box office. Basically it’s the movies we fear will suck.

The Fantastic Four reboot is one of those films, and we felt so purely because a June 19 release date was announced last year, and we still have nothing to go on. We knew almost nothing! That is until today! The teaser trailer was released and we could not help but absolutely love it!

A lot of fans have been dishing out hate on this movie since it was first announced.  Director Josh Trank has given these characters a whole new origin, and it actually might work. Fantastic Four will be a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.