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Hannibal Season 3 Trailer

Hannibal Season 3 Trailer

If there is one show we cannot wait  to return this year then it is season 3 of Director Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. After that absolutely delicious and jaw-dropping conclusion to season 2 we will finally discover if we have an entire new cast or not (except for Hannibal).  The trailer for season 3 just aired and you can watch it here! The third season was recently pushed back, so it will now premiere this summer.

The trailer is filled with exquisite scenery and locations as usual. It is the best directed and produced crime drama currently out there: Hannibal is beautifully shot with its thoughtful look at how darkness haunts, acts, behaves, and twists. Hannibal very rarely comes into the bright lights of the day, and that eerie tone is reflected in many of the visually traumatic and scary scenes. None of them used as a method to shock. I have yet to experience any episode of this series that I found lacked a compelling story arc, great moments of character development, and moments of brilliant writing. Hannibal is, well, delicious. I’ve never found the gore to be gratuitous, and just enough horror elements are served up on a silver platter.

Looking for more details as to what we can expect to see in season 3? We went through all the rumors, facts and interviews here.

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