We have a first detailed look at all of the 12 new characters in the brand new Blizzard game announced at BlizzCon, Overwatch. Arnold Tsang is the man responsible for the creation of each character, he’s a concept artist at Blizzard.

Tsang did all the character pieces you see here, giving us one of the first looks at the game’s bright, ccolorfuland very comic booky cast. You can see more of Arnold’s work at his DeviantArt page.

Initial reports from players who managed to get some game time on Overwatch at Blizzcon this year, was very positive. We seriously can’t wait for Beta to open up! Overwatch has been dubbed the Team Fortress / Destiny combo game that everyone is going to love playing. For more details on Overwatch, check our previous posts.

Here’s theĀ 12 Overwatch Character Profiles and Concept Art (Head over to the official Blizzard Overwatch site to check all the character abilities and stregths). Also, based on the full profile image above, we short profile sketches for two characters, the big fat dude, and the Crysis type armoured warrior.:

Overwatch Profile - Reaper Overwatch Profile - Pharah Overwatch Profile - Mercy Overwatch Profile - Hanzo Overwatch Profile - Bastion Overwatch Profile - Zenyatta Overwatch Profile - Winston Overwatch Profile - Widowmaker

Overwatch Profile - Tracer

Overwatch Profile - Torbjorn

Overwatch Profile - Symmetra

Overwatch Profile - Reinhardt