After the massive 9 movie announcement by Marvel yesterday, we are pretty darn excited about Marvel phase 3.  We have some of the best movies ever on our favorite superheroes hitting the big screen over the next 4 years. Prior to the announcement we felt a little frustrated about Marvel’s passivity on Thanos. They teased him in Avengers and they teased him in Guardians of the Galaxy only to learn that we will have to wait longer  to see him seeing as Avengers 2 is all about Ultron.

Well, this frustration is all gone after the massive announcement yesterday which made it clear that Thanos is the most important character and villain that Marvel has ever scripted onto the big screen and incorporated into their cinematic universe. We’ll go into the details here in this post, but getting 2 Avengers movies dedicated to stopping one villain is a pretty big deal. Not even to mention the continuation of the build up in the solo superhero movies set to premiere before Avengers 3 and 4.

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Expect Thanos Teasers in Cap 3, Doctor Strange, Thor 3, Guardians 2 and Black Panther

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Nowe that we know how important Thanos is to Marvel, we can start to speculate on his role in the upcoming movies prior to Avengers Infinity War Part 1 and 2. What we will get is one of the biggest most badass buildups to a movie villain we’ve ever seen! We got to see the end-credit scene after Guardians of the Galaxy. If you’ve not seen it yet then check here. Things can get pretty confusing with all the Marvel movies heading our way, luckily Marvel released  an official recap video of their phase 1 & 2 movies. If you’re looking for adrenaline-fueled onslaught of visuals that will leave you with goosebumps, then this video will do just that. The video takes us through all 10 of the films in Phase 1 & 2 so far, from the first Iron Man to Guardians of the Galaxy.

We still believe Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy will play a big role in stopping Thanos. Drax the Destroyer was created for the sole purpose of killing Thanos. Killing Thanos though is an entirely different discussion, a discussion we go into detail here: Who can kill Thanos.  Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn confirmed in an interview with EW that Guardians will definitely play a role in the upcoming Avengers movies.

“We’re definitely connected to Avengers 3.”

Expect to see more teasers and end-credit scenes after these movies that builds the hype of one massive Thanos introduction and show-down. Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) wasn’t kidding when she said at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier that we’re going to need heroes.

“Because you need us. Yes, the world is a vulnerable place, and yes, we all make it that way. But we’re also the ones best qualified to defend it. So if you want to arrest me, arrest me. You know where to find me.”


What is Thanos After?

This is quite clear, Thanos is after the Infinity Gauntlet.  And to do this he needs all the gems  required to build the gauntlet (see image below). In the comics these gems all had various protectors. Some of the gems have already been introduced:

Blue Infinity Mind Gem – The Tesseract in Thor 1 which is the blue mind gem

Red Infinity  Power Gem – The Aether in Thor 2 which is the red power gem, red

Orange Time/Space Infinity Gem – The Blue Orb in Guardians of the Galaxy. We’re still debating whether this is the space or the time gem.

Green Infinity Gem – Soul Gem – ??

Yellow Infinity Gem – Reality Gem – ?? Scarlet Witch perhaps?

Purple Infinity Gem – Space Gem – ?? Doctor Strange perhaps?

Kevin Feige: I don’t know that I would spell it out that clearly, necessarily, but certainly fans of the comics could surmise that all of this is leading somewhere. Joss’ decision to have Thanos turn around, smile to the audience at the end of ‘Avengers’, it was always the plan to show that the Tesseract was indeed an infinity stone. A lot of that will tie first into ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ which comes out next year and then where it goes from there we’ll see.

Thanos Is The Crown Jewel of Marvel Phase 3

Thanos Is The Crown Jewel of Marvel Phase 3

Thanos Is The Crown Jewel of Marvel Phase 3

Thanos Is The Crown Jewel of Marvel Phase 3

Thanos might be heading to Earth in Avengers 3 to collect some of the missing stones yet to be introduced and begin piecing together the Infinity Gauntlet – an artifact that when fused with the six gems gives him godlike power over the universe. That’s something Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige teased when we spoke with him about Thor 2. All along, Feige has been teasing Thanos as a long-term villain, and part of the Phase 3 buildup.

This is exciting time for Marvel fans. There is so much going on at this stage. Stay tuned to GeekShizzle for more info on the 9 new movies announced!