Love Scene From Horns Starring Daniel Radcliffe

Love Scene From Horns Starring Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe┬áis looking a bit different these days. Gone are the dorky glasses of the “Harry Potter” years, and he’s returning to the big screen with a couple of horns growing out of his head. Yep, the former teen wizard seems to have had a bit of a magic spell put on him in the forthcoming horror film “Horns.”

If you are keen to see what his full transformation into the Devil looks like, then head over to our initial post here where we show some behind the scenes screenshots of the movie. It looks awesome!

Thanks to the guys from indiewire we have an exclusive clip from the movie where we get to see the “happier” days in the movie with a love scene between Merrin and Ignatius. We’re sure the Daniel Radcliffe fan club will thoroughly enjoy this clip. Take note that this clip is NSFW.

Love Scene Video From Horns Starring Daniel Radcliffe:

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