Alien Isolation Alien Kills Video Compilation

Alien Isolation Alien Kills Video Compilation

Alien: Isolation releases soon and we are already seeing a host of ‘Alien Kill” videos from fans playing the early release. While reviews seem to be conflicting regarding the game some dub as “The Alien game we’ve all been waiting for” some commented that while the game does start out great, is insanely scary and difficult it does get a bit monotonous toward the end.

Nevertheless, it does make for some awesome alien kills as you will see in the videos below. IGN was ruthless with their review and gave it a meager 6.5. Based on the comments on the player videos below they are loving it!

We listed Alien: Isolation as one of our most anticipated games getting released in October 2014.

Check-out some of the scary alien kill videos below, be sure to wear earphones. Alien Isolation Alien Kills Video Compilation: