Yet another found-footage horror film makes its way to the big screen in the form of a newly discovered three-sided pyramid. “The Pyramid” follows a team of U.S. archaeologists as they discover an ancient pyramid in the Egyptian desert. Killing some workers with toxic gasses when the pyramid was cracked open for the first time, the archaeologists decide to continue with their plans to discover what is kept inside the depths of the pyramid. They become lost and desperate to find a way out of the ancient structure that is actually a complicated labyrinth. The team also makes a startling discovery when they realize they are being hunted by a creature trapped in the structure with them.

Found-Footage Horror 'The Pyramid' Releases First Trailer

Found-Footage Horror ‘The Pyramid’ Releases First Trailer

“The Hills Have Eyes” scribe Gregory Levasseur will take seat behind the lens for the first time to helm “The Pyramid”. Alexandre Aja, Mark Canton, Chady Eli Mattar and Scott C. Silver will produce the pic. The horror film is set to be released on December 5, 2014.