Steven Spielberg’s 2002 sci-fi movie “Minority Report” will be heading to the small screen according to a recent report by The Wrap. This makes financial sense considering the Oscar nominated movie starring Tom Cruise grossed $358 million worldwide. The original film is based on Philip K. Dick’s futuristic story which took a sharp look at a corrupt dystopian future by capturing the political undertones of the United States in a subtle way. Cruise plays a policeman in 2054 who used humans with precognitive abilities to stop murders before they happened. It’s always a gamble to adapt critically acclaimed movies with a distinct fingerprint. “Minority Report” pushed the boundaries and stood out as one of the best in its genre at the time.

'Minority Report' TV Series In Development

‘Minority Report’ TV Series In Development

In all likelihood we can expect the TV show to follow a similar approach by focusing on preventing crimes. The elite PreCrime unit that uses psychics to identify and arrest murderers before they commit their crimes is rumored to be the centre of the story. We will have to wait and see if Spielberg can capture the success of the critically acclaimed movie and adapt it straight to small screen. “Person of Interest” fans are more likely to agree with the decision to bring “Minority Report” to the small screen with the “pre-crime” science fiction premise carrying some similarities. “Godzilla” scribe Max Borenstein is tapped to write the script, while Amblin Television is hired to produce.