With Marvel and DC taking up so much of Hollywood and the movie world for the next 6 years, what other genre or themed movies will hit Hollywood next? Hollywood is known for releasing certain type of movies one after the other. If its not terrorist themed movies, it’s space movies. We predict the next era will be the era of the bible movie. We’ve long-held the opinion that the bible has some of the best stories around, and with the lack of creativity in Hollywood, what better place to turn to than the bible? It has it all. Love, hate, war, betrayal, supernatural events of biblical proportions.

We’ve already received the earlier released ‘Noah‘ movie with Russel Crow, and ‘Exodus: God’s and Kings‘ starring Christian Bale is next. Hollywood has shown us that when done right, with the right script, budget, cast and director these movies can truly be epic.

Keep an eye out for the reboot of Ben-Hur, one of the most successful and oscar winning bible-themes movies ever.  Ben Hur is listed as one of our top 10 reboots we look forward to, as well as one of our all time best revenge movies.

Here’s 5 bible movies we want to see next:

1. David

david goliath 2

The story of David has it all. Love, betrayal, the underdog winning…and losing, war, and the age-old battle between good and evil. A David movie has the potential of hitting it big on the big screen.

Here’s a few key events in the life of David that would make an awesome movie:

Friendship – David has a friend so close to his heart, that makes the friendship between Frodo and Sam from Lord of the Rings seem pale in comparison. The friendship of David and Jonathan transcends the barriers of cultural differences, clashing backgrounds, different loyalties and emphasises the ends to which friends would go for one another.

Underdog – David and goliath. The age-old battle between the small underdog and the massive giant. What more do you need to inspire audiences and keep them entertained. Imagine the Brad Pitt scene in Troy.

A sheep herder becomes a King – The story of David is one of the least favourable among us proving that anything is possible, and becoming King of a nation that grows into one of the most powerful nations in the world.

The fall of a King – The story of David also includes his adultery, his removal from the throne by Saul,. David then becomes an outlaw, hiding in caves and the wilderness fighting for his life.


2. Joseph


Most of us will be familiar with the story of Joseph. The brother that nobody liked. The brother that gets sold to slavery, taken to prison where he eventually becomes the hand to the king of Egypt. A Joseph movie will work because:

Family – It has the origins of a family with loads of brothers that love, hate and fight among themselves. This ends with the ultimate betrayal of almost murdering, and selling Joseph off to slave drivers.

Fighting for survival – The story has elements of standing strong, staying positive and among all difficulties staying true to oneself and what one believes to be right. Joseph is faced with some pretty difficult decisions, but he manage to get through them and rise.

Rise to power – What better way to see Joseph rise to power, only second to the king of Egypt. With this new position comes new challenges. The will to seek revenge against his brothers, to abuse his new power.


3. Samson


The story of Samson may not be as complex as the two above, but it can sure make for an awesome movie. Imagine a man given such strength that makes him the strongest man in the world. It is a tale of tragedy, violence and betrayal.

Supernatural strength – Samson was a man whose people were captured, made salves and oppressed by mightier nations. He uses his power to rage war, kill, destroy and fight for his people’s freedom.

Lust – This story also contains one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Delila. It tells the story of lust, weakness and temptation.

Trust – It is a story of trust. One where Samson needed to trust in God to listen to him one more time. To help him, and assist him in freeing his people.


4. Hosea and the Prostitute


The story of Hosea is a story of undying love. It is the story of a prophet who falls in love with a woman who remain unfaithful. Over and over again. It is the story of how a man chooses to see the best in people and in his wife and how he chooses to keep on loving her, in spite of her being unfaithful. It is also the story of an unfaithful prostitute, who never knew love, never knew affection, only a life of prostitution.

Imagine ‘Pretty Woman’ in a biblical setup, with the woman who due to her history, due to her own scars and background falls back into a life of prostitution. It requires true unfailing love from Hosea to keep loving her, and to keep going back for her.


5. Esther


The story of Esther is one of bravery, beauty and strength. Esther was a beautiful Jewish woman who was selected by the Persian King to be his wife. The king did not know she was a Jew.When the king’s right-hand man, Haman, devised a plan to kill the Jews (this started way back in the bible), Esther fights for the survival of her people before the king.

This has all the elements to become a great political drama. With tensions high, nations that hate each other, and imminent war.