The “Ghostbusters” franchise is set to have a whole new makeover which already includes the release of a third installment…or so we are led to believe. Sources also reveal that an all-new ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot is planned with director Paul Feig attached to helm the project. The idea of a “Ghostbusters” sequel is something that most geeks will agree with but a reboot… we will have to wait and see what Feig can come up with? At this point we don’t have any confirmation whether if Sony is moving forward with the sequel or will they abandon it for the new reboot.

Who ya gone call.....GHOSTBUSTERS!

Who ya gone call…..GHOSTBUSTERS!

Something that might boost anticipation levels for a Feig helmed reboot is the additional breaking news via Variety, that an all-female cast is considered to take on the roles as the titular characters. There is no doubt that many fans will raise an eyebrow or two because that basically means the whole concept of the movie will change. Feig is well-known for his success with directing female comedians in “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat,”, perhaps some of that magic will rub-off to really impress die-hard fans with an epic reboot. Perhaps that is the best way to reboot a cult classic film if someone holds a gun to your head for answers, but why should Hollywood even toy with the idea of remaking something that is surely one of the most iconic comedy franchises of the 80’s?

No directors have been identified for “Ghostbusters 3” after Ivan Reitman quit in March. We are left with some burning questions but let’s see what pans out from all this first. GS will keep you posted.