Dragon Age Inquisition 2

Bioware just released a gameplay video and in-depth look at the combat we can expect to encounter in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Take a look at how you can organize your party, give commands, defend, heal, and attack. We love how they kept the D&D game mechanics and the Fantasy RPG looks like one that we will be playing indefinitely.

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The release date has been pushed to November 18th though. This is due to the Dragon Keep App for Dragon Age, which will allow players to create and modify game saves, bringing over their choices from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. Players can then import the world state into Dragon Age: Inquisition. 

BioWare also announced that players can expect

Bioware was recently involved in a Q&A on the website Raptr about upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition, in which it revealed a plethora of information about romance, companions, and combat. Some stand out features that were revealed include the possibility for eight potential romance partners, with at least one outside the main party, and two that are race-restricted, including one gay character.

Here’s the Combat Gameplay Trailer for Dragon Age – Inquisition: