Ever since the release of Windows 8 and dealing with the millions of users going “Where’s the F$%ing Start button?”  Microsoft has been trying to make amends. With the Windows 8.1 release we saw the return of the start button, and now with this leaked possible Windows 9 image we have the return of the start menu.

We’re still a bit confused as to why Microsoft would bring back the start button in windows 8, when all it does is take you to the dreaded Metro interface. The public beta of Windows 9 is expected to make an appearance in 4Q 2014 followed by a full release in Q2/Q3 2015.

Over the weekend, Windows Build 6.4.9788 hit the internet, showing that Microsoft will indeed return the Start Menu back to where it belongs. The Menu will contain both your standard Windows 7-style links and Modern UI apps in one list on the left, and a list of live tiles on the right. The main taskbar aligned at the bottom appears to be unchanged.

Thank you Microsoft, it took you 2 years but you finally did it. You managed to bring back something you’ve had for more than a decade.

Here’s the leaked image that was first reported by Neowin:

Windows 9 Leaked Image Shows New Start Menu

Windows 9 Leaked Image Shows New Start Menu