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Series geeks trying to unravel the mystery of the upcoming death in ‘The Simpsons’ will sit through “an emotional story” to say good-bye to a familiar character in the season 26 premiere. We have absolutely no clue as to who will be getting the axe, but executive producer Al Jean hinted at who it might be late last year. During a FOX panel at the TCA summer press tour Jean said that the axed character could return in a flashback or as a ghost.

Speaking to ew.com, the producer also said that even the voice actors “don’t know” who will be taking the dirt nap. He adds that there are a “lot of false leads” in Season 25 to “try to trick people into watching the premiere”.

Is this a joke, or will Krusty see the same fate as the joker?

Is this a joke, or will Krusty see the same fate as the joker?

Jean revealed a while ago that “the actor playing the character (to be axed) won an Emmy for playing that character”. Mmmm? Throughout its 24-year run, “The Simpsons” killed off seven characters. As for the next one, almost every member of the major voice cast ensemble has won an Emmy.

Let’s have a quick look at the list again:

  • Dan Castellaneta – who voices Homer, Grampa, Barney, Krusty and many others
  • Julie Kavner – Marge, Patty, Selma
  • Hank Azaria – Moe, Apu, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink, Dr. Nick and more
  • Nancy Cartwright – Bart, Nelson, Ralphy, Todd Flanders
  • Yeardley Smith – Lisa
Throughout its 24-year run, "The Simpsons" has killed off seven characters

Throughout its 24-year run, “The Simpsons” has killed off seven characters

The producer dropped another huge bomb at the TCA summer press tour when he announced that the premiere episode of the show will be called “Clown in the Dumps.” Jean still chose to play coy about the possibilities of Krusty being killed, saying:

“I didn’t say I was killing Krusty … I didn’t say I wasn’t,”

That would really suck, Krusty is one of my all time favorite Simpsons characters. That being said, I am sure he is a favorite among many Simpsons geeks, is this just another decoy for us to wonder about? We will have to wait and see till “The Simpsons” season 26 premiere on Sunday, September 28 at 9/8c on FOX.

Who do think will be killed off next?

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