Curse of Naxx HearthStone

With the announcement that Blizzards expansion to the HearthStone, ‘The Curse of Naxxramas‘ wont be free to play, we’ve been contemplating the various means in which you can earn gold in-game, while playing HearthStone.

We listed the detailed prices and staggered launch details here. For all access to Naxxramas it will set you back $31.99. This is you don’t have any gold that you have won in game. Naxxramas is divided into 5 sections, or wings, and each wing will cost you $6.99 per wing, or a once off $31.99. If you have gold, you will pay 700 gold per wing.

Obviously we don;t want to fork out real money to play Naxxramas, so the questions then becomes: How do I earn gold in HearthStone? If you manage to earn enough in-game gold you will be able to purchase all 5 Naxxramas wings for free.

Fear not, here are all the ways in which you can earn gold in HearthStone:


1. Complete Quests

Got the Basics

Blizzard loads new quests for players that earns them either 40, 60 or 100 gold. Quests such as ‘Destroy 100 minions’ or ‘win 5 games with Druid’. By completing a quest a day you can easily earn anything from 280 to 500 gold per week.


2. Win


Easier said that done right, but every time you win 3 games you earn 10 gold. This requires some grinding from your part, but if you win 3 games every day you can earn 70 gold per week, increasing your gold tally to anything from 350 to 570 gold per week.


3. Play Arena

HearthStone Arena REwards

This is the most rewarding way to earn gold in HearthStone, but also the most challenging. Entering Arena will cost you 150 gold. you then do battle until you’ve suffered 3 losses, or claimed 12 victories.  The rewards also vary in Arena. Rewards may consist of card packsgoldArcane Dust (used for crafting) and individual expert cards, including golden cards.


4. Don’t Buy Card Packs


You can use your gold to buy card packs. This is what we’ve been doing, hence our Gold reserves are very low. If you want to get full access to Naxxramas for free, using only in-game gold then resist the temptation to spend your gold on card packs.

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