We love city building games. We love to start from scratch and build up a massive civilization that dominates the world with either force, culture or religion. Few games have given us as much pleasure in feeding this city-building-game addiction as Sid Meier’s Civilization. We’ve spend countless hours playing his games, from Civilization 1, and now the latest version called Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Civilization: Beyond Earth is Firaxis’ homage to its previous turn-based space odyssey Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, and will be releasing on the 24th of October of this year. Pre-orders are currently available, which will garner you the pre-order exclusive Exoplanet map pack, supposedly “based on real exoplanets“.

More pertinently, Firaxis also released a narrated gameplay walkthrough of Beyond Earth and some background discussion on the lore and factional leaders of the game.

We assume pre-orders will also be available on Steam. We can’t wait!

[Source: Civilization: Beyond Earth Release Date Announced]