It’s July which means it is Comic-Con ladies and gents! Once again San Diego will host the Mecca of Geekdom for this years annual San Diego Comic-Con! If you’ve been to one of the previous Comic-Con’s then you would know that trying to dot down expectations is nearly impossible. The convention itself is enough to keep any geek busy for an entire week. Sadly we have to make due with trying to cram everything in during the 4 days of the convention.

The full schedule is not available yet, but this does not stop us from mentioning the things we hope get announced this year. One thing is certain, this will be one awesome SDCC, again!

Here’s some of the biggest announcements and appearances that you can expect, and that we hope we get to see:

1. DC’s Gotham, Flash, Arrow and Constantine


DC has taken centre stage thus far, with exclusive footage for their upcoming comic book adapted TV shows. “Gotham“, “The Flash“, “Constantine” and “Arrow” will be promoted in a three-hour presentation on Saturday, July 26. We covered more of what we can expect here.


2. Deadpool Movie Teaser

The "Deadpool" movie very much alive geeks!

This is high up on the wish list, and most probably won’t happen. Yet movie website and “scoop finders” KDrama Stars are claiming that a source has told them the teaser for the Deadpool movie will be shown at this year’s Comic-Con. According to the report of the Comic Central City, Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox are going to put on a good panel for the fans by showing the Deadpool movie teaser trailer during the San Diego Comic Con 2014.

But don’t expect actual film footage from the Deadpool movie teaser as the filming for the movie hasn’t even begun. Comic Central City notes that fans should expect the Deadpool movie teaser to be similar to the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser shown at last year’s comic con where it was just 3d objects with a voice over ending with the logo of movie.


3. Avengers: Age of Ultron

avengers 2 cast

Expect to see some footage of the upcoming Avengers movie, Age of Ultron. Mark Ruffalo confirmed that the entire Avengers cast will be at the convention. Ruffalo dropped the tidbit in the middle of an interview with Collider, painting a picture of a mass migration from the film’s London set:

Yeah, we’re gonna go out there. We’re all flying, we’re flying from London. We’re working. We’re shooting. We’re gonna stop and get on a plane and go to Comic Con together. It’s gonna be amazing.

With the entire cast making the trip, this is all the confirmation we need that the first footage from the film will debut during Marvel Studios’ panel on Saturday night. After all, Marvel plays the Comic-Con audience like a fiddle and there’s nothing that will get a crowd of 10,000-plus fans as hot and bothered as a glimpse of Earth’s mightiest heroes battling the villainous Ultron.


4. TV Shows galore

Walking Dead Pudding

Expect to see announcements, odd cast members and possible future footage of upcoming seasons being revealed for any of these upcoming shows: Game of Thrones, Supernatural and  Doctor Who  will probably fill Comic-Con’s biggest stage, as other returning favorites are likely to include  The Walking Dead, True Blood, Falling Skies,  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Simpsons, Sleepy Hollow and more.


5. Batman vs. Superman Footage

en affleck batman

Here’s a big question on everyone’s minds. Will we see some Batman vs. Superman footage? The film is busy shooting, and we see no reason why they couldn;t make the entire floor of fans go crazy with showing us a brief 30 second teaser.


6. Star Wars Episode VII Footage

This years convention might be the first place we could get a glimpse at Episode VII! With the massive amount of Disney-produced media headed our way in the coming years, expect disney to have a massive presence at Comic-Con as well. J.J.Abrams has been very generous in showing us some behind the scenes images and videos, and there’s no reason why we can’t expect to see more at Comic-Con!

As for the rest of the Star Wars brand, expect loads of toys, comics, and games to be demoed and showsn-off. For more detail on these other Star Wars related content, head over to


7. Artists Alley

Art by Stanley Lau aka Artgem

Art by Stanley Lau aka Artgem

Expect to see some of the world’s greatest illustrators and artists in the DeviantArt sponsored Artists Alley. SAdly, Comic-Con International has gradually taken away floor space from Artist’s Alley and several of the bigger comic book artists have resorted to getting booths on the show floor. DeviantArt has sponsored the last two years of Artist’s Alley at Comic-Con International and that may help slow down the shrinkage. But Artist’s Alley is an endangered species at Comic-Con. Artist’s Alley is also the one area in which Comic-Con International hasn’t been able to match the impressive artist turnout of New York Comic-Con or Chicago’s C2E2. Those conventions are still very artist friendly. San Diego seems less so.

Two artists you should keep your eye out for are GeekShizzle favourites ArtGerm and Warren Louw.

This is just a drop in a massive ocean of announcements that we can expect to see, but oh boy would we love it if we see these! For a  more detailed and complete day-to-day schedule head over to sdccblog.

[Source: San Diego Comic-Con 2014 – What to Expect]