xmen chars

Via GeekXGirls. This gives us a great visual of every X-Men superhero character that has made the transition onto the big screen. While some of them are really impressive and accurate depictions, others we will try to forget that they ever happened.

Let’s forget about Deadpool, Gambit and Juggernaut.

Which X-Men character still needs to make the transition? We are particularly excited for Apocalypse. We’ve been waiting our entire lives to see him on the big screen, luckily we will be seeing him in the next X-Men movie, called “Age of Apocalypse“.

x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_03 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_05 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_04 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_02 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_10 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_09 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_08 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_07 x-men_cartoon_vs_movie_06

[Source: X-Men Movie Characters vs X-Men Cartoon Characters]