Well that escalated quickly! Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez is now even more famous since his biting incident took place during a World Cup match on June 24. The 27-year-old soccer player bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during the match, and faces a ban for nine international matches and four months from any football activity by FIFA. The Liverpool striker is no angel it seems; he has previously nibbled players on the field.  He has previously been involved in three biting incident in his career, maybe a muzzle will be required for future matches. We can’t blame Ian Somerhalder for taking a swing at the ridiculous nature of the incident. Somerhalder plays vampire Damon Salvatore in the smash hit TV drama, “The Vampire Diaries”. The 35-year-old actor posted on Instagram a fake poster of “The Vampire Diaries” which featured him and Luis on Wednesday. Luis can be seen sporting vampire fangs as if he tries to bite Ian’s character.

This fall, who will survive Suarez's attacks?

This fall, who will survive Suarez’s attacks?

The picture is captioned:

 “Umm.. Apparently there’s a new cast member joining @vampirediaries… @luis16suarez!! #WorldCup2014 #LuisSuarez #IanSomerhalder.”

Speaking to the telegraph.co.uk, Juan Jose Monzillo, a Uruguay fan who lives in Montevideo, called the biting incident a conspiracy. The fans said:

“They clearly wanted to kick Suarez out of the World Cup. Uruguay is a small country that eliminated two big nations like Italy and England and it doesn’t benefit Fifa to let Uruguay continue playing.”

Additional Source: gossipcop.com