If you are a fan of us here at GeekShizzle then you should know that we are huge Game of Thrones fans. Because of this, we decided to take our 10 best moments from Game of Thrones season 4 and give tribute to them. These scenes may not be the fan-favourites, or the most popular (some of them are though). We decided to mention the scenes that simply had us saying ‘Bravo Game of Thrones’. Bravo to the actors, Bravo to the way the shot/scene was done, and bravo to George R. Martin.


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Note: There are obvious season 4 spoilers ahead. In no particular order, here’s our 10 Best Moments From Game Of Thrones Season 4.


1. Death at a Wedding

King Joffrey was easily the most hated person in the entire Westeros. After finally meeting his death by pioson at his own wedding, we had tears of joy. The killing at weddings continue.



2. White Walker Baby

The white walkers have been a mystery since season 1. That’s is why this episode’s ending was a shocking as it was awesome. Even the end credits scrolled past in complete silence after this scene. We’re introduced to a new type of  white walker, and with the simply touch on the baby’s cheek, he turns into another white walker.

white walker


3. Tyrion’s Speech

Tyrion is probably the one character we desperately want not to die, and boy was he dangling on the edge of death in season 4. His speech while being on trial for the murder of King Jeoffrey delivered this absolute beaut of a speech. Well done Tyrion!

tyrion speech game of thrones


 4. Oberyn visits Tyrion – I will be your champion

This scene could have easily topped our list. We see a defeated Tyrion in prison looking desperately for someone to fight for him in his trial by combat. In walks the red viper, the champion of Dawn. The scene between Oberyn and Tyrion is simply amazing. As Oberyn talks Tyrion through their first encounter as a baby his speech reaches a climax where he turns around, the lighting on his face purely sublime, and he says those much desired words. “I will be your champion, I will fight for you”.

oberyn tyrion prison speech 


5. Sansa slaps Robin

Sansa is our least favourite character in Game of Thrones. But admittedly, she’s had it pretty rough under Joffrey and the folk at Kings Landing. Even more irritating that Sansa? Robin from Ayrie. That is why this scene is pure bliss, as she slaps some sense into Robin.

6. Oberyn vs. The Mountain

It was the fight we waited for with great and much anticipation. How dare you George R. Marting lift our hopes chance of victory for Oberyn only to smash it, or rather crush it like you did. the scene stands out as one of the biggest “wtf” moments of the season. Oberyn was so close…yet thwe mountain lives on. It will be interesting to see what he is transformed into in season 5.

oberyn vs mountain



7. Giant fight for the Wall

Back north the build-up to the battle for the black gate was building to an immense expectation of a gruesome battle between the few nights of the black watch, and the wildling army of the north. Seeing those giants in action was awesome. We chose the entire battle as our best scene, but the giant charge for the gate down below stands out, as the remaining black crows chants the nights watch oath. Prior tom this scene we were literally going “What is that? It’s a mammoth? No it’s a giant! Holy crap it’s a giant ON a mammoth!




8. The Hound vs. Brienne

Hands down the best fight of the season. This no-holds-barred fight between Brienne and the Hound involved scratching, bashing, below the belt blows, and pure good old fight for your life fighting. Well done, and we hope that the Hound somehow survives and returns in season 5.


9. Arya’s Revenge

Two amazing scenes shortly after one another. With the hound left defeated and badly wounded, he ends up pleading with Arya to end his life. This is the moment that Arya has been waiting for the get her revenge. She simply leaves the Hound there to suffer to death from his wounds. This is also the moment where we see Arya taking some serious action, and matters into her own hands.



10. Tyrion’s Revenge

With Tyrion escaping due to the help of his brother, he decides to make one last visit to his father, and after killing his second love, he shows no mercy to his father. With a crossbow he interrupts his father “privy” session, and after another epic scene from Tyrion, we see him blast two arrows into his father. Well done!