HearthStone 1

Blizzard released the monthly ladder statistics for HearthStone Top 50 Players for Season 2. Check out the HearthStone Ladder – Top 50 Players. It is interesting to see how certain players managed to stay on the ladder, despite the still volatile situation the ladder finds itself in. Things will stabalize and we will soon be able to get a stable ladder with some serious contenders.

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Well done guys!

If you’ve  been following us here at GeekShizzle then you would know that we are completely addicted to HearthStone. We’ve been playing non-stop and have even started putting together some handy tutorials. Have a look and learn:

  1. In our first guide we went through the initial options of the game and our first impression.
  2. In our second guide we briefly looked at the Heroes and how to choose one, what Deck types there are, and some strategic tips on actual in-game skills.
  3. In our third guide we looked at how important Taunt cards are and how to use them, as well as the best possible times to use direct spells.