Ryan Reynolds revealed in an interview mid last year that the Deadpool movie is still very much a possibility. Geeks have been waiting in anticipation for the long-awaited movie about our favorite anti-hero. The production is down to two decisions in order to move forward according to “X-Men” Producer Lauren Shuler Donner. She revealed the exciting news while attending the “X-Men: Days of Future Past” premiere in London, she said they were still deciding whether to make an R-rated film on a shoestring budget or “push the boundaries of PG-13.”

Donner explained:

“We so want to make it. We’re getting there. I think it will, but one thing now is the rating,”

“If we make it a smaller budget movie, we can go for the R-Rating. If not, then we push the boundaries of PG-13 which is alright too. We just don’t want to saturate the market to the point where it’s just not special anymore.”

The "Deadpool" movie very much alive geeks!

The “Deadpool” movie very much alive geeks! (image courtesy of dws4.me

She also revealed the studio has no intention to recast Deadpool, and insists that Ryan Reynolds will portray the titular character. This is not set in stone and subject to change of course, but more interesting news was unveiled. The producer said we should forget about “X3” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, this might also indicate that we can expect a different path and origin for the masked mercenary.

An R-Rated movie exploring Deadpool’s origins while spending time as an enforcer alongside the surgically altered criminal Hammerhead will be ideal. Deadpool’s introduction in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is best forgotten as Donner suggests. Any Deadpool fans out there getting exited yet?

Check out the interview:

Source: sciencefiction.com