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Rumors are running wild that Marvel’s big screen Thor, Chris Hemsworth, is linked to take on the lead role in the long rumored ‘Lethal Weapon’ remake. The rumor mill suggests that Hemsworth will take on the role as Mel Gibson’s son as he joins the police force in a project currently titled “Lionhunters”. At best, the reboot will be launched within a sequel that features a handover from father to son for the franchise to continue in a new direction. So, the only affiliation with the actual “Lethal Weapon” franchise will be the blood ties between Martin Riggs and his son, other than that it seems like a brand new start.

Chris Hemsworth Red Dawn photo

Chris Hemsworth Red Dawn photo

This will be a very interesting take on the cult classic movie franchise which features wild card cop Martin Riggs portrayed by Mel Gibson, and veteran straight shooter Roger Murtaugh portrayed by Danny Glover. The original 1987 pic follows the wild cop adventures of the most unlikely L.A.P.D. detectives to be paired together to take down a gang of drug smugglers. Gibson and Glover will be expected to make cameo appearances one would think because how else would they setup the younger generation of cops? We will have to wait and see how Warner Bros is going to swing this one.

Will Beall (“Gangster Squad”) pens the script, with the screenwriter from the previous installment Shane Black providing input. One of the biggest reasons to be a little excited about the project (besides Hemsworth involvement of course), it is also reported that Justin Lin (“Fast and Furious”) is expected to serve behind the lens for the reboot.

Source: Slashfilm.com