We finally have an idea of what’s in store for the long-awaited “Godzilla” reboot set to be released on 16 May. The new take on the iconic monster franchise is living up to its promises of being much darker and captivating than Roland Emmerich’s 1998 installment.  The idea of another remake was not embraced with any sort of enthusiasm at first but it seems that director Gareth Edwards managed  to “get it right“ as promised. The “Godzilla 2014” helmer sat through countless interviews to reassure everyone that we can expect something spectacular and judging by early reviews we have much to look forward to. Feel free to check out the first epic trailer for the city destroyer HERE, and second trailer HERE. “Godzilla” is also one of our hotly tipped movies to watch this Summer, and the monster movie also joins a bunch of awesome flicks as one of our most anticipated movies of 2014.

Second official "Godzilla" trailer expected today or tomorrow

Early reviews are as expected for the hotly anticipated “Godzilla” reboot

With no further ado, let’s check out what review aggregator Rottentomatoes have scored “Godzilla 2014” based on early reviews: (at the time of the article)

Rottentomatoes Score Review count
Critics 83% 23


Trusted Reviews from credible websites:


“And yet the striking, ominous cinematography and absolute sincerity from the entire cast makes even the most ludicrous moments in Godzilla seem plausible, if only while you’re watching them. Godzilla impressively captures the enormous scale of the kaiju genre like few (if any) movies ever have, developing a mostly effective human drama along the way and exploiting the nuttier aspects of this franchise only as much as necessary to make this Godzilla movie actually feel like a proper entry in the long-running series.” – William Bibbiani

IGN: 9/10

“Godzilla is a great genre film, and in all the ways that count, I loved it. To some degree, the hype-machine may have done a disservice to the project, but rather than fall apart under the weight of 350 foot expectations, Godzilla strikes a remarkably balanced tone. The film blends sequences rich with heartbreak, visceral thrills, fear, surprisingly whimsical humor, better-than-a-cage-match fights, and awe-inspiring visuals.” – Roth Cornet

SLASHFILM:  7.5/10

“Godzilla is one third better than you expect it to be, one third what you expected it to be and a third completely underwhelming. Thankfully, Edwards arranges those uneven pieces in a way that, while the first two don’t always work so well, the ending makes up for it and then some. You’ll be hard pressed to walk out of Godzilla not raving about the ending, instead of nitpicking the beginning.” – Germain Lussier


“This new Godzilla lacks the sense of despair present in Ishiro Honda’s 1954 original. But in its place is something relatively fresh in films such as this: an absence of cynicism. There’s an underlying theme in here about parents protecting children, and of people simply trying to do the right thing in the face of disaster. In Edwards’ reading of Godzilla, there isn’t necessarily any such thing as good or evil. There’s merely humanity and nature, with the former standing awe-struck in the destructive presence of the latter. Most importantly, Godzilla himself emerges just as he should: a bellowing, powerful force; a true king of the monsters.” – Ryan Lambie